Norgine Ventures

Norgine Ventures was started in 2012 to diversify Norgine’s activities and foster innovation in the healthcare sector.

Norgine Ventures provides debt and debt-like financing to innovative, fast-growing companies in the fields of healthcare and life sciences, in Europe and the US.

Norgine Ventures is backed by Norgine, a fully integrated, private, European healthcare company with over 100 years of experience in the pharma space.

Norgine Ventures has full access to Norgine’s technical capabilities for evaluating investment opportunities, although the business is aimed at achieving a financial return rather than funding opportunities of strategic interest to Norgine.

To date, Norgine Ventures has invested in a number of businesses, including specialty pharma, diagnostic and medical device companies, at various stages of their life cycle, both in Europe and in the US.