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Norgine Business Code

The Norgine business code has been adopted by all legal entities within the Norgine Group and is available below.


Norgine Business Code


The adoption of the Norgine  business code is a reflection of Norgine's commitment to professionalism, embracing ethical conduct and transparency in all of its activities. The Norgine business code establishes the framework for achieving Norgine's mission to lead and to continue to lead the development of the European Speciality Pharmaceutical sector in order to research, develop, manufacture and commercialise innovative medicines for the benefit of patients, employees and other stakeholders.


Central to the Norgine business code are the basic principles of respect, fairness and integrity, which Norgine has embodied for the past century, coupled with the recognition that innovation and continuous improvement in quality are fundamental to achieving our mission.


The Norgine business code and related policies require the commitment of all Norgine personnel. It is the One Norgine approach and, quite simply, it is the right thing to do.